Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Still Reforming on Reformation Day

Listen to the MIDI melody here.

You know Gummby, you can't ask me to mind the store and then expect me not to post bad blank verse and strangely unsatisfying melodies.

Still Reforming
Still reforming, still entangled by sin
Sanctification is taking longer than I
Expected but
there lies the real problem
Reformation of my life cannot succeed using my steam

Still reforming, but now trusting Jesus
Who said He would be with me
To the end of the age
And that’s all I’ll ever need.


Nora said...


Blank verse, you say? Since when did you become a lover of such fancy pants technical terms? Are you even sure it qualifies as blank verse?

Where's Frank when you need him?

Gummby said...

Nora, I think "blank" here refers to the stare people get after they read it.

Chez said...

Yes, that's right!

Nora said...

No, no, no, no! That is incorrect.

Blank refers to the look on Nick's face when I ask him if he remembers something.