Thursday, October 13, 2005

Faith in Numbers

"The trouble still in the church is a matter of foundation. There are those that would have us believe that it is a good and right thing to form great unions. To have a great ecumenical church. And that then we shall be a great body of people confronting the world. But the question is, what is this great ecumenical church to stand for? What is she to believe? What is her foundation? We are not concerned primarily about numbers. For however great a body the ecumenical church may be, she will have no influence upon the world unless she has a truth to present; unless she has a solid and firm foundation on which to stand. Surely that is the great emphasis of the Bible."

"What the Bible is concerned about is truth. And in a very extraordinary manner, it ridicules our pathetic faith in big battalions and in great numbers."--Martyn Lloyd-Jones.

This quote speaks for itself. Ask yourself, where is your church's foundation?

I would only add that whether big or small, churches have a tendency to focus on numbers. But true revival doesn't start with the masses. True revival, when it happens, starts with just a few.

Be one of those few.

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