Saturday, October 29, 2005

Weekly Wrapup

Here are some links, news, and favorite reads of the week.

JIBBS links to me, and poof, I'm an amphibian.

For Brian M. and Don R., go here for the instrux on how to use Google Maps with a Biblical places overlay. (These two guys are going to be part of my new homegroup.)

Doxoblogology writes about the need for the church to reform. He reminded me about a series I need to write on Christian idolatry.

Steve Camp wrote awhile back about the need for Christian community. "The Sledgehammer" hammers it home by making much of his post just verses from the Bible.

The Buzz is out about the upcoming DaVinci Code movie. James White writes several entries about it (haven't had time to read them yet). Alan K gives us the Davinci Code Top 10 List. (HT-Centuri0n.)

Jonathan Moorehead invokes Dogbert to help him pass his exams. Apparently, he didn't read Centuri0n's link to the article about demons only responding to Latin.

Since I can't get Blogger to upload pictures right now, my last item will have to wait.

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Jeremy Weaver said...

Thanks for the link.
It really looks like you got a good blog going here.
Keep up the good work! (You know, linking to me)