Monday, October 10, 2005

"God is not boring"--John Piper

I liked this article from John Piper. I especially love this quote: "The other reason imagination is a Christian duty is that presenting breathtaking truth in boring ways is a sin. "

Paul is never boring; his writing is filled with such emotion. Neither should we buy into the lie of the world that says that our lives are boring, or that God is boring. He isn't.

I suppose it's only in an affluent society where our rights are so protected that we could even think such a thing--try to imagine a first century Christian hiding in the catecombs or facing the lions saying such a thing. Think of Augustine or any of the other church fathers describing God as boring. And surely Luther, Calvin, Tyndale, and other Reformers would have given us an earful if we'd said such a thing within their hearing.

Even the Puritans, the very embodiment of "boring"--is it possible we consider them dry as dust because we are the ones who are dry and parched, lacking even a hint of the depth of their spirituality? (For the record, I don't consider them "dry as dust," but I do wonder this about myself quite often...)

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