Monday, October 10, 2005

Phil Johnson-Blog Star

You gotta hand it to Phil Johnson (I've always wanted to say that, BTW). Here's a guy that says "I'm not gonna post for the next two weeks", and he generates 31 comments (at last count). Probably many more times that many hits (& I'll confess, I'm one of them, thinking that there's got to be something in the can he can just throw out there).

He's like the band that comes out for a couple of encores after the show, and then they are finished. In the meantime, here's his audience, chanting "Phil, Phil, Phil," and waiting for the next post. The guy is a rock star!

1 comment:

William Dicks said...

Hi Matt,

Just to let your readers know. Phil's blog post informing everyone he'd be away for two weeks has now alread crossed the 200 mark in comments. All that while Phil is not posting! As of now the total is 206!

BTW, have you been to my blog yet? Pay me a visit.

Have a great day!