Thursday, November 17, 2005

Blogroll Additions

Here are the two latest additions to my blogroll.

Carla Rolfe mentioned the other day that she didn't have links from any of the big guys (read part 1, part 2, & part 3). As I ruminated on her comment "not that any of them have me on their blogroll (except Tim), or anything, I'm not that interesting," I decided it was time to add her. I've probably read more of her stuff than half the people on my blogroll, because she is usually #2 or #3 comment on Phil's blog, so I've read lots of her thoughts.

Here blog is a combination of beatiful pictures & posts that are "long enough to cover topics," even if that means long posts; and her writing is a mixture of transparency and truth that is rarity among blogs. I can't decide what's more impressive--that she homeschools her seven kids, or that she can do all of this great blogging on dialup.

UNFORTUNATELY for her, my link will generate less traffic in a month than any of those guys do in a day...

My other new link is a friend of mine from college, RevGoT, stopped by last week. We were in the "Not Quite Dead Yet Poets Society" together at John Brown University.

Finally, just a quick note on how I do my blogroll. It's pretty simple, really.
If I read you regularly, you're on the list; if you link to me, you're on the list (unless you worship El Diablo or something like that); and if I know you personally, you're on the list (although just to be clear, I won't force you to be on the list--it's an opt-in thing). I usually have a waiting period (which varies in length), to make sure I don't include an unknown quantity (sort of the blogging equivalent of not laying hands on an elder too quickly).


Carla said...

Hi Matt,

thank you for the kind words, and for adding me to your blog roll. I'm glad you like my blog :-)

Don't forget to swing by today and click the Holiday Giveaway banner, then enter to win something incredibly COOL! (How's that for a lame promo, eh?) Seriously, enter to win, you never know... you can't win, if you don't CLICK...


Shawn said...

Thanks for the link bro! I was looking through our 5 year reunion photos the other day. My how we have grown up.