Friday, November 25, 2005

"If JIBBS is Hadji, Gumm must be Bandit"

I've been named "sidekick in training" by Centuri0n. Apparently JIBBS' last remark snark was too much, and he's been put on injured reserve.

I'm due to report to the Northwest Arkansas HQ of the TR on December 9-10 for Sidekick Basic Training. I haven't been told exactly what it entails, but I imagine it will involve Photoshop, Advanced HTML, T-shirt sales, and comics.

For the next two weeks, I'll be spending the majority of my time studying the super-secret TR manual.

Once I graduate, I'll be initiated into the Order of the Sixth Sola.

I am a bit nervous, though, since after the Batman's first sidekick Robin became Nightwing, his replacement Jason Todd was killed by the Joker. (I think I have that graphic novel up in my attic.) Guess I better watch out for jokers.

How do you become a sidekick? Well, without giving away too many secrets, do you remember the movie Wall Street, how Bud Fox got his meeting with Gordon Gekko? It was pretty much like that.

Between now and then, I just have one burning question: if Cent thinks I'm Bandit, does that mean I'm primed for a link with the other puppies @ Fide-O?

P.S. Forget Gumm--it's "Chicle" now.


Jason E. Robertson said...

Taken into consideration.

JIBBS said...


My last snark???


Dude, you should be cent's SK. I am not worthy, nor do I have time even if I was.

Keep up the good work and pass the section in the TR on "Advanced HTML" and go directly to the chapter on "CSS".

Gummby said...

I don't see it. Maybe I get to that after I graduate from SK Basic?

centuri0n said...

Do you think I'd give you the REAL "TR" manual before basic training? The fact that you published the cover on the internet -- in spite of the fact that it is the SUPER SECRET manual, Gummby: SUPER SECRET -- makes me wonder if we might not have to extend your basic training to include a "caning" for good measure.

I have a TR cabal meeting tonight, and I'm going to get it for your loose lip. Try to be a little more subtle -- like calling BHT a "monkey cage".

Gummby said...

Gummby? I can hear the SNL jokes now. But whatever works.

Caning...ouch. They still do that in Reformed circles? At least JIBBS isn't mad at me for taking his spot.

Carla said...

The Order of the Sixth Sola... rotflol

You're all insane.