Friday, November 25, 2005

iMonk's proposal

Internet Monk made this proposal. He has taken it down, but for the sake of the discussion, here is an archived copy (based on what was left right before he deleted it).

1. Internet Monk/BHT will not mention any post or blogger related to the following blogs:
Frank Turk
Steve Hayes

2. Comment Threads related to IM/BHT will be closed on these blogs.

3. The above blogs will not mention any post or blogger related to:
Internet Monk

4. Comment threads on IM posts related to these blogs will be closed.

5. I will furnish Phil Johnson access to the BHT and post editing privileges to comment on any post he believes is a violation of this agreement.

This agreement could possibly apply to any smaller number of blogs that agreed to participate, even if others did not.

If anyone wants to discuss this proposal, write me. If there is no interest in 24 hours, then we can forget it.

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