Friday, November 04, 2005

Steve Hays is prolific!

Holy Cow! Steve Hays is downright prolific. This man could be the Stephen King of Theological Blogging. The Zane Grey of blogging? Or, if you prefer, the John Creasey of TB (Creasey, for those who don't know, was a British mystery writer who wrote 500 novels under different names; most appropriately, Stephen King says "I look positively blocked next to Creasey."). He is that prolific, in terms of verbiage.

But he isn't churning out bestselling blockbusters, slush pile scripts, or pulp-style potboilers. No, he's trying to inform and reason with his readers. And he does so with a style that's definitely his own (if you doubt me on the style thing, stop and admire his blog design for a moment).

So here is my endorsement--and if his blog design is a bit overwhelming, may I suggest RSS? I close with this quote from El Centuri0n--"Some people say Steve does not have a sense of humor, but those people are still being treated in the burn ward from the last time they tried to tell him he was wrong."

[P.S. I've updated my blogroll--it should now include most of the blogs I read regularly (in the approximate order I read them), plus blogs that have linked to me (all five of you). And in case you're wondering, I didn't include Steve because I usually like to read blogs for about a month or so before I link to them--just to be sure.]

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