Friday, November 04, 2005

Greek Geeks--this is Cool!

Zack Hubert, who's site has already been named by me as the coolest website of the year, continues his path to greatness. He has built a Flash-based interface that works similar to his webpage, only faster. (HT: ESV Blog.) One unfortunate consequence of the link directly from the blog is that Zach is over his allotment for verse queries. So wait a day or three before you try to access the ESV text in parallel. NASB seems unaffected.

Despite this little glitch, he has something really great here. Why? I'll let Zack tell you (bold emphasis mine):

A few comments...

So this is a new direction which is in development, which means its not going to be as full featured as the rest of the website for a little bit. So why do it?

Well, the reason is because this new approach is much more like an *application* and less like a website and though that is a little uncomfortable at first, I strongly believe it will be awesome in the end as you'll have a highly interactive website that can do things other websites cannot presently.


Distributed! You could embed the same source that I have here on any webpage that you wanted to and have a *local* on your website.

Font Freedom - this approach doesn't require any fonts on your system

Rich Media - drag/drop, click, double click, hover, etc

And much more...

So forget links--you can have the power of this application on your webpage or blog. Wow! BTW--I should mention that the Daily Bible Reading from the Greek NT (in the upper right-hand corner of the blog) is courtesy of Mr. Hubert as well.

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RevGoT said...

Is this the Matt Gumm who went to John Brown? This is another Greek geek named Shawn Doud. THe last time we saw you was in 1998. Now we have 4 kids and live in Alberta, Canada. Surf over and see what we're up to. Cool to catch up with you.