Thursday, November 03, 2005

I've Got the Blogger Blues

Suffering from poor internet access, so I'm having to punt. Let me just highlight a couple of developing issues, with the hope of giving my own comments in a future post.

I previously mentioned James White's coverage of the DaVinci Code movie. He's published a 4th installment. Here's a quote: "I spoke on the subject at Sovereign Grace Baptist Church this weekend, and will be speaking at various churches in the Phoenix area on it between now and next May. Sadly, in most churches, almost no one is aware of what is coming our way with this film as far as its 'anti-evangelistic' impact." I think he's probably right.

Churches should be prepared, as best they can. This will almost certainly be a blockbuster (look who's making it and tell me if you disagree). But the fact of the matter is, Dan Brown has written a story that is based on discredited documents and woven together with conspiracy theory speculation and anti-Catholicism. Despite this being "just fiction," people who see the movie will believe it to be based on fact, just as Dan Brown himself does. Both this and the new book by Anne Rice promise to be a challenge to the Evangelical church to know it's history, and be prepared to defend historicity.

The second series of articles I would commend to you is over at Phil Johnson's website. He is extolling the value of the Bible as the weapon of our spiritual war. The point he makes is valid, I think, even if you don't agree with his statements about Purpose-Driven Churches . In fact, I would propose that even if you leave churches out of the equation altogether, we as individuals many times fail to appreciate the value of the Sword of the Spirit. Here's a quote. Make sure you go read the articles.

"These weapons are powerful because they are the instruments of God's power. They are 'mighty through God.' Their effectiveness does not ultimately depend on the skill of the swordsmen or the cleverness of our strategies. These weapons are always effectual because they unleash the power of God.

Don't distrust those weapons. They trump every kind of fleshly weapon for spiritual warfare."

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