Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Funny How History Repeats Itself

While doing some research for my brouhaha post (& also searching for the official definition of "Truly Reformed"), I came across a post that was eerily reminiscent of the current situation. By "eerily reminiscent," I mean that it was in many ways similar, as opposed to exactly the same, lest someone might misinterpret.

The topic of the post was this comic book cover. I will let the quotes speak for themselves (but the emphasis is mine).
What makes the parody funny is that it captures so succinctly the histrionics the BHT crowd indulges in whenever anyone questions either their reasoning,the appropriateness of their comments, or their motives.

It is amazing to watch when the BHT crowd has a disagreement with someone. All too often, those with whom they disagree are perceived as--believe it or not--out to destroy them on a personal level.

Eventually, I just quit reading their blog because of--to use Phil's phrase--their repeated "hissy fits." I mean, why bother? But I nearly snorted coffee into my sinuses when I saw Phil's parody; it captured, with a few pithy phrases and artwork, the whole atmosphere of the BHT. It was perfect, absolutely dead-on, and should have drawn their attention to their frequently insular and paranoid behavior, but instead, perhaps predictably, they have held true to form.

As I've said, the parody is funny because of its accuracy, and I don't disparage the usefulness of satire. My only real reservation in the whole business has to do with why Phil reads the thing (the BHT) in the first place. After all, time is precious, and I don't understand why he would bother with them at all. It's not like they're going to listen to him, and he's certainly not interested in much they have to say.
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