Monday, November 21, 2005

PETA's New Comic Book

Now this is the kind of comic art you won't find on Pyro or Centuri0n (as they have some minimum standards). Also, sorry to say, this is not a spoof--this is the real thing.

It was sad watching the young, attractive PETA spokeswoman recalling with great sadness how her dad had taken her fishing when she was young, and wishing that she had known about the vegan option.

It was really sad to watch her try to explain why it's ok for the bear on the Geico commercial to eat fish (bears are omnivores), but why human beings should only eat vegetables

It is tragic that people can recognize that fish feel pain, but will repress or reject that claim about small babies in their mother's wombs. Regardless of what PETA says, we really do treat our animals better than our unborn children.

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